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Supplier of thermoset-resins textiles and prepreg for composites manufacturing. 

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EIS Composites helps your manufacturing activity with the main raw materials for the composites fibre reinforced structures of choice. 
Our materials selection allows us to target most of the composites applications on the market filament winding, pultrusion, pullwinding, wrapping, prepreg layup, hand lay up, infusion or injection.

EIS Composites proposes:
- materials developed by suppliers with a certified quality assurance, which we indeed propose from our end to you and your team.
- materials which are innovative and studied to satisfy both the common and specialised parameters requests of the sector.
- an integrated logistic service, whether forwarding warehousing or customs brokerage, aimed at facilitating this time-consuming activity.
- technical support aimed at the integration of our products in your manufacturing line, aimed at accelerating your developing process.


Select your composites applications below or simply contact us to understand more quickly how we can help with your current material application. 


filament winding

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infusion/ Injection

hand lay up 

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pultrusion/ pullwinding

technical inquiry